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I want to help make a difference for people living with dementia.

I lost a family member to Dementia and had to watch them fight a losing battle for years. I want to help work towards a future where people don't have to go through what my family and i went through and watch a loved one suffer everyday.  Every dollar counts so why not try to raise as much as possible.

To raise money for this charitable event I have partnered up with my best friend Andre. His grandad Andy has Dementia and is fighting it every day. 

Our plan is simple, we will be running a marathon (with no previous marathon experience) in one day for our family members that have/still are battling with this horrible disease. Do we have it in us for a marathon? Who know. Is this the smartest idea in the world? Probably not. But its for a good cause so donate and find out. 

This ones for Andy and Loz x

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