Facebook Fundraising

Online fundraising couldn’t be easier with Facebook Fundraising. In minutes you can create a Facebook Fundraiser in support of Dementia Australia for your next celebration, hobby or fitness challenge.

How to get started

Create a birthday fundraiser

As your birthday comes around for another year why not raise funds for Dementia Australia, by allowing friends and family to donation to your birthday Facebook fundraiser in lieu of gifts.

Join a challenge

Ready for your next fitness challenge? Whether it’s completing crunches or 5km a day - you’ll be connecting with other participants in our community by joining the Facebook Challenge group and starting your personal Facebook Fundraiser.

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Create a fundraising page

You can support Dementia Australia by setting up a Facebook fundraising page at any time. This page can be created for personal reasons such as in memory of a loved one or setting your own challenge.

Find us on Facebook

Follow our Together for Dementia Facebook page and keep up to date on all things fundraising and any exciting campaigns and challenges we have coming up. We can’t wait to see you over there.

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