Sydney to Melbourne - Jason Butcher

Sydney to Melbourne RedZed ride

We're raising funds for people with dementia!

We're raising funds for people with dementia!

But we need your help! Please make a donation to support our efforts and help us reach our goal to beat dementia.

All funds raised will support the work of Dementia Australia to provide vital support services for people living with dementia, their families and carers. These services include counselling, support groups, education and training.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you to our Sponsors


St. Andrews Cricket Club

Well done from all at the Saints!


George G


Parkview Landscaping & Construction

Go for it son! You’re doing everyone so proud. Hurry up and get back so you can get the punters club back on track.


Saints Landscaping Dwayne Paisley

Incredible effort mate well done


Ben Beech

Superstar! Proud of you my friend.


Daryl Bruce


Jennifer Varone

Stay safe and happy riding/travels.


Michele Lockie


John Mavroudis

Good luck gents! I will join you for a drink upon your successful return


Gary & Ann-marie

Good Luck and may the weather be kind.


Mark And Cathy Butcher

Have a great experience ,stay safe and take in all this challenge will offer.. Cheers to you all.


Salli & Brendon Trump


Ross Wilding

Enjoying the updates, keep pedaling and get to the finish line safe. Best of luck for the rest of the ride boys 👍


Paul & Ann Dodd

We love what you are doing to raise awareness and support for a great cause.


Sarah Keens

Onya boys! Such a great initiative and we're all extremely proud :) Stay safe!


B E Wealth Management


Dale Christey

U legend !! One day left to go ! It’s in the bag !


Jill Lucas

Fabulous effort Jason and your lovely support team as well.


Anthony Lin

Let’s go!!!


Robin And Vicki Court

Well done to everyone involved.


Damien Gijsbers

Send it Jason


Stephen Beech

Looks like you did it again.


Linda Bailey

All the very best of luck Jason. May your weather be fair, your legs and back strong and your saddle sores few! A great cause


Muy Ngo

Riding for such a great cause. Good on ya! Hope you guys have plenty of fun (and wobbly legs) on the way 🤣


Simon Dehne


Glenn Coyle



Well done J


Christine Lucas

Be safe


Mel And Sam

Well done JB! You guys are doing a phenomenal job. Keep peddaling 🚴


Bob Rogers

Well Done


Andrew Richardson

Awesome work mate!


Lucas Butcher

Good luck from Lucas and Lisa


Steph Ryan


Geoff Murphy - La Trobe Financial.

All the best mate and enjoy the experience.


Jamie Devenish

Good luck mate. Great stuff


David & Lisa Pelech

Good Luck on your ride. A Great Effort & well done.


Kathryn Dunn

Best of luck on the ride!


Sam Uhe

Great achievement JB, home straight!


Deb Cross