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Tea for Dementia

I'm hosting a Tea for those living dementia, their families and friends

Please join me in supporting people living with dementia and their loved ones (which can often include their carers)!

 To acknowledge the uniqueness of every individual and the importance of caring for those that cared so deeply for us. 

It doesn’t take money - knowledge about this is also support! If you want any info please private message me - there are many short (FREE) courses which open your eyes to a whole new world and I know bits and bobs x

If you can spare this weeks soy laté, It only takes a minute and any amount you can give will go a long way to fund medical and social research and support the vital services, support groups and education programs that Dementia Australia provides to people living with dementia, their families and carers.

If you’d like to join in, please send me a message!

Thank you if you read this far! This is something I am extremely passionate about and thank you in advance for any support.



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Wednesday 17th Nov
I pride myself on my English and writing skills but there’s a mistake in the heading… I find that little mistake annoying imagine how someone living with dementia feels when those around them have no education or knowledge surrounding their symptoms and why they may make a mistake. 

Thank you for your gift


Celia Hadgraft

Well done, you are a kind, generous and caring soul xx


Lisa & Lettie

You are an amazing young lady. Xx



on behalf of Bucko


Liesl Dowling

Beautiful endeavour 🌻 ❤️


Sarah Baxter