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I'm taking on a Marathon to Remember and make a difference

I’m challenging myself to complete a Half Marathon to raise funds to support people with dementia.

Please help me reach my goal by making a donation. It only takes a minute and any amount you can give will go a long way to fund medical and social research and support the vital services, support groups and education programs that Dementia Australia provides to people living with dementia, their families and carers.

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Kayaking Challenge for Dementia

Saturday 27th Aug
My Dad has this amazing zest for life.  He took advantage of every opportunity thrown his way. Always liked fir the fun and adventure in life. From working in Papua New Guinea to Exmouth. Playing nearly every sport there is and many at an elite level. Being a mechanic and a Fire Fighter for over 40 years.  To camping, sailing, scuba diving, abseiling/ rock climbing, golfing and so much more. 

Life has not been waisted on my Dad. He has seized every adventure and every experience possible. Only now at the age of 70 is his dementia starting to change the man he was. The man who was capable, able to do anything, fix anything and solve any problem. 

These days his life of adventure and confidence has slowly been slipping away.  Little by little dementia is stripping away the essence of who my Dad once was and leaving a shadow of the person who once was. 

As his memories slowly fade away, I choose to keep them living strong in everything I do. Every choice I make in life. Every adventure I have. Every sport I play. I do it knowing that my Dad lives on through me. Through the way he has taught me to live my life to the fullest. Take hold of every experience and enjoy life. 

My parents met at the local Kayak club. They fell in love chasing adventures through rapids and rivers. Kayaking has been a huge part of my Dads past. Taking on the white waters of the Avon Decent multiple times. 

Well... now I’m setting my own kayaking adventure in honour of my Dad. In honour of his sense of life and adventure. Dementia Australia has challenged us to run a Marathon/ half marathon to help raid money for people and families living with Dementia just like us. But I choose to paddle. 

The date is set. October 22nd. I will be completing my kayaking adventure. From Coochin Creek all the way to Bribie Island overpass. 

So come a long on the adventure with me. Become inspired to live life to the fullest  and start making your own memories that inspire our children and theirs.

Thank you for your gift


Marlene Dry

Great effort Sally.


Louise Jobe

! You’re Dad would be so proud ! Love you my friend! You’re definitely one of a kind !


B P Roy Grader Hire

Go sally!


Ben, Layla, Mel & Dave Spieker

Happy paddling Sally! Our Grandpa has been recently diagnosed with dementia. Big thanks to you for raising money for Dementia Australia xoxo


Aunty Cass

Love you Sal


Mcgeeves Family

Go Sal…. So sorry we can’t be there as support crew on the day. We will thinking of you and cheering you on all the same! We love you and your family and know where your strength and zest for life comes from! Paddle hard! You’ve got this! X




Clare Wilson


Williams Family


Alex Beitz


Hazelden Family





Nicole Rumsey

Love you Sal & all that you do x


Alan Vere


Carolyn Demos


Belinda Ulrick

Go sally.


Teagan Bell

Good luck Sal x


Belinda Barattucci

Good luck on your fundraiser!


Brenda Briese

Good luck Sally


Pete And Isabel Vere



The Laing Fam X

What a challenge!!! Sending lots of love from WA to you, go girl! ❤️


Erin T

Absolutely heartbreaking for the families that have to go through this brutal challenge. You're amazing Sally!


Sally Vere