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I'm taking on Ditch it for Dementia and making a difference for people living with dementia!

I like to raise money for a charity every year, and this year I am raising money for Dementia Australia in honour of my father who recently passed from this cruel disease. I'll be ditching the booze in February. I personally feel that there's a deficit in the support offered to people with dementia and their families, and I want to do my bit to help change that. 

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I am bad at updates

Monday 28th Feb
It's the last day of the challenge! Hooray! 

What have I learned? 
Firstly, I know a lot of kind, generous and supportive people. Thank you! Aside from the wonderful amount of money we have raised for Dementia Australia, on a more personal note, it makes me feel like I'm running with a really good crowd. I'm damn lucky to have a lot of supportive people around me. 

Secondly, Kirks sugar free soft drinks RULE. While I certainly missed having a drink, cracking a cold can of Kirks has softened the blow considerably. The lemon squash and pasito have joined my repertoire this year along with old mate creaming soda. Seriously, this stuff is BRILLIANT. 

Thirdly, I am disappointed that I didn't become smarter, more athletic or start springing out of bed every morning. But I think it's simultaneously a good thing - it's kind of comforting to know that booze wasn't doing that. All me, baby! 

Lastly, it's been a positive month. I've had time to reflect on Dad and how truly lucky my family and I were to have had such a wonderful person in our lives. His memory continues to bring me a lot of happiness and definitely a lot of laughter! 

So tonight the plan is to buy an incredibly nice bottle of pinot, stay up till midnight, and enjoy the hell out of my first glass of wine in a month! Oh my god it's going to be so delicious. If you're round Dully at midnight do pop by 😂

In closing, fuck dementia. Cheers to that! 

and it begins

Tuesday 1st Feb
So it's been 50 minutes into sobriety and I can't... nah just kidding. I smashed the 4 beers in my fridge last night and I'm on the ice waters. So probs still a little pissed but also needing to urinate a great deal. The pinnacle of human achievement. 

But the huge news is that I have passed $2,000 in donations! This is massive! Goal is going up to $2,500. I will keep blogging and I'm going to use this platform to tell some pretty awesome stories (not about my dad, necessarily, but you know I have some pretty good ones as the child of a man who was gloriously aside from social convention with an incredible sense of humour). The more donations, the more I will write! 

Thank you!

Friday 28th Jan
I'm about to readjust my fundraising goal for the THIRD time to the lofty target of $2,000. I'm thrilled that I have been able to raise so much money for a cause I TRULY believe in before my challenge has even started. I am exposed to a lot of stats at work and one that's always stuck with me is that one in six people in Australia is curently affected personally by dementia*, whether it be their own diagnosis, a role as a carer, or someone who has a family member with the disease. That's more than 4 million people. Some more stats - every day 61 Australians are diagnosed with dementia*. Data modelling says that in 20 years time that will increase (due to an ageing and expanding population and better diagnostics) to 104 people each day*. 
I feel that support for people with dementia, their carers and their families is presently inadequate. What's it going to be like when the rate of diagnosis is close to double, and we have the same inadequate support systems? This is a big reason continued advocacy is so important to me. My father's boundless kindness and advocacy for those who have less of a voice than he did is something I wish to emulate, draw inspiration from, and continue. That keeps him alive. 

*happy to provide references for any of this data on request. Shoot me a messenger request or an email if you want more info. 

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Susie And Rodger Morton

Good on you Kate !


Margaret Lennan

Happy to support you, particularly for this organisation that has such a personal connection.


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Such an important cause. Hope you smash the goal many times over! X


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love to you Kate. <3



Love ya guts!


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What a great way to remember your Dad. Well done Kate x




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Keegan O'shea

So sorry for your loss, Kate. Good luck with the challenge.



On ya Kate x


Sam Worrad


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Danielle Morton

How wonderful to have such a great Dad. And how insidious a disease to take him away too soon. I do hope you reach your goal x


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Good luck Kate! Bring on March 1st! :)


Karyn Weitzner


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Tons of love and thanks for doing this Kate.


Kate Wilson


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You’re awesome, Kate xx


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Kirra Mardel

Go Kate! Such a great cause and I will be happy to buy your first beer down at the pub on the 1st March!


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Lots of love to you Kate x


Peter Newman