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My target 5 kms

I'm taking on The Great Australian Swim and making a difference for people living with dementia!

I'm challenging myself to dive in for dementia!

Please help me reach my goal by making a donation. It only takes a minute and any amount you can give will go a long way to fund medical and social research and support the vital services, support groups and education programs that Dementia Australia provides to people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Thank you for your support.

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Sunday 12th Mar
Thank you SO much to all my wonderful friends, including precious family members, who have donated to support people like my dear mum, and also carers like my sister, who also suffer due to dementia in a loved one. The Great Australian Swim was a great initiative and I am thrilled to have completed the challenge raising over $800! That’s $300 above my goal! Thank you to all of you! Lord help us to have a patient and gentle heart ♥️ in loving those, who through no fault of their own, suffer a long slow decline, and see them as the person they really are inside. 

1 K to go

Tuesday 7th Mar

1.3 k’s 3.3.23

Friday 3rd Mar

My mum

Thursday 2nd Mar
My mum first started showing signs of dementia in 2013, about a year after my dad died. We didn’t know what was going on at first. She had moved house with us and couldn’t remember where the wardrobe was. Initially she was diagnosed with cognitive impairment. This gradually worsened over the next few years with her frustrations, increasing emotions of sadness, her irritability at any of my frustrations. I had no idea she was on the path to alzheimers. In 2017 she was diagnosed with alzheimers and while I lived away for 3 years she was in my sister’s full time care. She has been looking after her now for 6 years. Dementia takes a huge toll on those caring and looking after them. Mum has mostly moved through stages to where she now can hardly remember a thing but knows my sister and me. She enjoys her days out at the park with her little dog, who is her whole life. She is still wise and loving, caring and witty, emotionally intelligent and strong in her love for God. It’s a sad long journey for loved ones but I have found the greatest help is to accept it. After acceptance the angst and despair can begin to fade and we can find a new way of appreciating our loved one and seeing them for who they are inside. It becomes a joy and privilege. Not to say the hard work disappears especially for those who are hands on. But it helps to have a thankful heart for the time we have left with them. Thank you dementia Australia for recognising the need and the lack of information and support around this yucky thing. So appreciated. 

March 1st

Thursday 2nd Mar
Day 2 swam another 700m towards the goal, thanks so much for the support!


Sunday 26th Feb
The Great Australian Swim is supposed to be throughout the month of March but I started early, took advantage of a sunny day at downtown Mayfield public pool. Just did my first k for mum. Must admit, it takes a while to get back into rhythm  after a long break! 

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Donna Batty


Magill Family

Well done




Melisa Giles

Go Bjorn ( or Benny?) lots of love and hugs to you for doing this xx


Katherine Turnbull

What a wonderful thing to do for such a worthy cause Donna💖


Rhonda Dundas

Very proud of what you are doing Donna and very happy to support your very worthy cause. I love your beautiful mum ❤️



For Mum. X


Helen Lee

Go Donna! Love your work!


Jeff N Bec Andersen


Alyssa Mcgrevy

What an amazing challenge and cause. Sending lots of love. ❤️


Nicola Linton

Love you Sis


Nancie Golsby

For darling Fran xx