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I'm taking on a Marathon to Remember and making a difference for people living with dementia!

I’m challenging myself to complete a Marathon to raise funds to support people with dementia.

Please help me reach my goal by making a donation. It only takes a minute and any amount you can give will go a long way to fund medical and social research and support the vital services, support groups and education programs that Dementia Australia provides to people living with dementia, their families and carers.

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Walking for Dad

Sunday 22nd Nov
I signed up to do this at the beginning of the month just thinking it would be a great way to raise money. The irony being, that in that time Dad has gone from being relatively immobile to going on fairly long distance walks and the other day, catching a bus basically the distance of the walk im undertaking. 

So next Sunday, the 29th of November ill be walking from Fairfield, through the city and to Brighton, and then back. 

Money raised goes to Dementia Australia. There's multiple different ways that the money is used but my main fundraising goal will be towards providing Carer Support Groups in metro and regional areas. 

Dementia is a horrible, slow disease that affects people in such different ways. Its unpredictable, there are good days, there are really bad days, lots of just very confusing days and days where all you can do is roll your eyes and think what on earth? 

Watching how hard it has been for Mum to get help and support has been difficult. There is no set step by step plan. Dad was diagnosed at 59, which is so young and that has been a very big barrier in getting help. 

Donate if you feel inclined. Link below. And ill be posting regularly throughout the day on my personal insta @ashanaomis if you feel like a bit of a tour of Melb City. Cause it is looking its absolute best at the moment!! 

Thank you for your gift


Liz Steele

Well done to take on this cause. My mum suffered dementia tho thankfully didn’t wander . It was so hard watching her try to decipher what I was saying


Craig And Lyn Colvin

Good on you, Asha!


Spanish Donkey Lover

Ill be thinking of you. I just hope you dont meet any terrifying donkeys, because i wont be there to save you this time


Simon Goodall


Asha Sym


Jake Steele


Grant Doncon

Such a wonderful thing for you to do Asha. Anne Maree


Johnny Hamilton

You absolute legend! So proud of you and what an awesome cause!! For your dad!xo


Carole Fielding

Well done Asha! Great achievement, you are amazing!


Rosie Fleay


Julian Sym

Good stuff Asha, I’ll order you a pizza when you finish. Jules


Emma Kennett

Go Ash, you absolute superstar! So proud of you! ❤


Kate W

Amazing effort and a special cause, well done my friend xo


Amanda Sandford

Looking forward to the tour of Melbourne! Big Love xox


Debb Giles