Bee, National Business Services Administrator

Why Bee chose to work for Dementia Australia

Bee is committed to the not-for-profit mission and vision of Dementia Australia: to provide vital services to those who need them most. She also knows from personal experience how difficult dementia is for everyone impacted by it.

“Dementia is so tragically common.”

Both Bee’s grandmother and her mother-in-law had dementia, but it was her grandmother’s condition that had the most profound impact on her. Her grandmother was always a happy and warm person. She loved to regale Bee with stories of her days as a telephonist and of her adventurous holidays with friends - before she married later in life.

During the holidays and over weekends, Bee would spend time with her grandparents – listening to them playing music and singing together, and always laughing. They were precious and joyful times together.

After Bee’s grandfather died in a car accident, it was clear that something wasn’t right though. Her grandmother appeared to feel no grief or even to remember him.


“Over the coming years, she slowly stopped talking and communicating. In the end, she could only eat and move her eyes. It was terrible seeing her slowly waste away.”


Bee’s grandmother passed away at the age of 94. Bee recalls feeling powerless, knowing that there was nothing they could do to stop the advance of her grandmother’s condition and “the loss of joy in life and the lack of recognition of the family and anything familiar”.

Bee’s role at Dementia Australia

Bee’s role helps to keep all the cogs turning efficiently and effectively. She manage the accounts Dementia Australia holds with national suppliers – such as Australia Post, Corporate Traveller, Toll, and TNT.

She also helps to manage the organisation’s fleet of vehicles nationally, which is important in an organisation that needs to reach as many people in as many places possible.

Bee’s hopes for the future of dementia

Bee knows that the work Dementia Australia does is – and will continue to be – vital for many people.

“When I hear someone talk about how much Dementia Australia has helped them it really warms my heart, and I feel proud to know we are on the right track. We are making a difference in people’s lives.”

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