Liz, Accounts Officer at Dementia Australia

How dementia has impacted Liz’s life

Liz’s mum was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 63. The family had known for some time that something was amiss, especially when she would regularly call Liz to ask her the same question.

Her genuine, lovely mum who was always gentle and worried about everyone else would sometimes get “cranky” as her dementia progressed. She would forget things and wonder “why she was here”. Liz’s daughters were young at the time, making it tough for them to see their grandma behaving out of character.

“It’s sad to watch someone deteriorate and not be able to do anything.”

Joining a Dementia Australia support group helped Liz and her brother to understand their mum’s condition. It also gave them insights into how they could best help her.

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Liz’s role at Dementia Australia

Liz processes the funds raised through Dementia Australia’s fundraising appeals and sends out the receipts for donations, which will still often come in the form of cheques or cash.

She likes to know she’s doing the best job she can to ensure donations are looked after properly. This attention to detail means the money can get to where it’s needed most. She describes how blown away and touched she is by the generosity of people, often receiving notes apologising that a donor can’t give more. Liz knows how important each and every donation is, both big and small.

Over the years, Liz has loved hearing about the people the charity has been able to help. She knows from firsthand experience just how overwhelming dementia can be.

“I thought it’d be great to do something that could help. I’ve loved working here over the past nine years. It’s good because it can be quite confronting for people who don’t know what dementia is.”

Liz’s hopes for the future of dementia

Liz hopes that what she does at Dementia Australia can help to broaden awareness of dementia and encourage more people to access resources such as the Helpline as a first point of contact.

“It’s about letting people know that you’re not alone, that there are a lot of people out there living with the impacts of dementia.”

Your donation can help Dementia Australia support people impacted by dementia, their friends and families.

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