Courtney, Volunteer Coordinator at Dementia Australia

Why Courtney chose to work for Dementia Australia

Courtney began volunteering for Dementia Australia’s Memory Walk & Jog events 12 years ago. It meant she was already familiar with the charity when she joined us as a member of staff.

The decision to work for Dementia Australia was an easy one for Courtney to make. She had always known that she wanted to work somewhere with a social conscience. She likes what the not-for-profit sector does and the positive impact it has on people’s lives.

“I felt like I was doing something good for the world and contributing to the lives of people. It felt nice to be part of improving things for them.”

Courtney also developed an academic interest in dementia at university, where she completed courses and research projects into the condition. She finds ageing fascinating and firmly believes that it should receive more attention and funding.

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Courtney’s role at Dementia Australia

Through her own volunteering experience, Courtney became an important connection between other volunteers and the organisation. She moved into a role where she could help volunteers have a meaningful and enjoyable experience, and ensure their contribution and its impact was recognised. She matched volunteers to events and services that would best utilise their skills, and along the way had the chance to hear personal stories about why they support Dementia Australia. These were heart-warming reminders of how much people appreciate the services and support that Dementia Australia provides - and they kept Courtney’s passion for the cause very much alive.

“It’s about helping make sure volunteers are able to support Dementia Australia, taking some of the weight off the resources that are needed. It means Dementia Australia can support more clients because of those extra sets of hands. Volunteers extend the level of access and make it available to more people.”

Being an avid volunteer, absolute people person, and having the opportunity to meet so many people – most of her 1,000 volunteers in fact – meant this was a role made in heaven for Courtney.

Courtney’s hopes for the future of dementia

Courtney hopes that in the future people living with dementia will feel increasingly valued and heard. She also hopes that eventually everyone will receive the care they want and need, with respect for every cultural voice, and equitable access for all.

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