How to log your kms

There are two ways you can track your kilometers:

Option 1: Connect your fundraising page via a fitness app (i.e. Strava or Fitbit)

Option 2: Log your KM manually


Follow these steps: 

1. Login to your fundraising page

2. Go to 'My Dashboard' and then click 'My Fitness Activity'

3. Scroll down to 'Add Activity'

4. Enter the 'Date' and 'KMs'

5. Click 'Save Changes'

Your kms will be added to your fundraising page to track your progress throughout the month. 

Connect with an app

Use your smartphone to download FitBit or Strava and create an account to get started.

Follow these steps:

1. Login to your Pedal the Map account

2. Go to the ‘Log My Fitness Activity’ tab

3. Connect to your fitness app.

4. Click 'Save Changes'.

Please allow 24 hours for your activity to show up on your fundraising page.

How to Video:

Please watch the video below for a detailed explanation on how to track your kilometres.