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Ditching it is as simple as:

1. Choose what you want to ditch and how long for

2. Create your own fundraising page

3. Spread the word and raise funds


Take up the Ditch It Challenge to help the estimated half a million Aussies living with dementia. 

Have you been waiting for an excuse to take a break from an overindulgent habit? Kick off your new year by pledging to ditch the cheeky habit of your choice, all while raising money to help those living with dementia.

Dementia prevention is all about looking after our heart, body, and mind. We’re asking you to ditch something to better look after these three elements.

Not only will you feel better, you'll be helping change the lives of people affected by dementia. 

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Curb that sweet tooth and make a lasting difference. Start your year off with a bang and challenge yourself to give up the sugary foods and drinks. 


Have you been waiting for an excuse to cut back on some of those unhealthy habits? Now's your chance to get that body moving and see the incredible affects.


Make a pledge to ditch the online shopping and takeaway apps. You can donate the money you save to provide vital support for people with dementia.

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Ditch it for dementia!

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